Self help

How to bring the change in your life? 

I have observed many people going through several mental issues while they are about to face a change in their life. 

Change scares us, even if we want change we are scared to work for it. We often don’t have the courage to bring the change in ourselves which we know will change our life. We just keep thinking about it, stressing ourselves more and more. 

So how to change? 

Is the change necessary? 

First of all we have to ask ourselves this question. We often keep stressing about the change which will bring no good to us but still we want that change as someone else has done it. 

Stop thinking about what someone else has done, what were its result hor him/her and ask yourself honestly whether this will be good for me or not. 

One of my friend started doing yoga just because his co-worker had became more calm after joining the world of yoga. The results of yoga were just opposite for my friend. He already had a very busy life and after joining yoga classes he was just stressing more about completing his appointments on time and going to yoga classes on time. 
So please analyze your situation before just decide to do something which worked for someone else. 

So what about the important changes which matter? 

Okay let’s talk about those. 

I know for sure that how hard change is. Leaving your old bad habits and starting something new isn’t easy, it’s hard. 

Here are five ways which will certainly help you – 

1. Don’t go all in

Don’t try to remove all of your bad habits at once. Doing this will result in nothing but failure. So start by one and get yourself free from it and move on to the next one. Take my advice start with the easiest one. For example – not putting your keys at the right place. These habits can be replaced easily and gives you confidence for the harder ones.

2. Set rewards and punishments(highly recommended) 

This is a really efficient way and it is also very simple. Just set rewards you will give yourself when you progress and punishment when you don’t. Cutting social media, not eating favorite food are the kind of punishments I suggest. Reward can be anything you like (not a boat 🚤of course). This trick will definitely help you in achieving the best you. 

3. Let people know you are changing. 

Telling your acquaintances that you are trying to quit a habit makes sure they not (unintentionally) promote you to get back to your old habit. For example – If you tell your acquaintances that you are trying to quit smoking they will make sure they don’t smoke in front of you and not promote you to get back at it. 

4. Change your environment 

Slight changes in environment can help you a lot in quitting your bad habits. Want to become more active? Move every thing of common use away from where you normally sit so you have to work every time you need anything. This is a self tested method which does wonders for you. 

5. Kick out the distractions 

Distractions can make or break your way to quit a habit so it is very necessary so you stay away from them. Indulging yourself in other activities IA a great way to do it. Here is a helpful post about distractions- An Addict’s Guide to Overcoming the Distraction Habit

This is it for now. So go out there and get ready to bring the change.