Hey everyone

The blog  ‘Unquenchable Self’ is all about self development and feeling good about ourselves. I am not a psychology expert or some over achiever, I am just a guy who used to feel miserable about himself and was too shy to tell anyone but now I feel confident without any so called ‘professional help’.

So how I did it?

This blog is all about that ,how I overcame depression (or any other medical condition as I never consulted a doctor) without telling anyone the misery I was going through. I did a hell lot of research, scientific and spiritual, to find the cause and cure of my condition, where I had everything I asked in past but still felt terrible about myself.

I believe that many out there are suffering from such conditions I am just trying to help them out. In future I would post many articles about self development and feeling happy in your life so every one can have a peaceful and stable life. I can’t guarantee that I will do magic in your life but I can assure you that there things worked for me and I hope they workout for you too.

Wait for my first post and tell what you feel about it and you can also share any of your experimental with me in comments or at my mail – zedreeco@gmail.com and I will share it with everyone until then peace out.